Saving endangered species in 24 countries.

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From the majestic elephants poached for their tusks to the cuddly snow leopards suffering habitat loss, the world is full of unique and beautiful wildlife. Based in San Francisco, WCN helps independent conservationists save endangered species by providing them with tools and support.

If placed end to end, the cases sold this year would be equivalent to 240 elephant footprints! That's 700 cases toward a better world to see.

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    Photo courtesy of Lisa Hoffner

    Featured project

    WCN has partnered with Save the Elephants to launch the $5 million Elephant Crisis Fund. More than 33,000 African elephants are killed each year. The elephant-poaching crisis is now too large for any one organization or government to solve and requires a coalition that can tackle poaching, ivory trafficking and ivory demand.

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    Meet a WCN Hero

    Shivani Bhalla, Whitley Award Winner and National Geographic Emerging Explorer. She is a conservation biologist who has lived and worked in the Samburu district for over eight years. A fourth-generation Kenyan, she started her conservation work with WCN partner Save the Elephants and went on to earn one of the highest recognitions in wildlife conservation, The Whitley Award.

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    WCN has 14 long-term conservation partners working in 24 countries

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    92% of funds donated to WCN are used to support programs in the field.



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