During these uncertain times, we understand going out to get an eye exam could be difficult and we want to help as much as possible. If your prescription has already been expired, we accept expired prescriptions on an emergency only basis, and we will notify your prescription provider that we have filled the expired prescription. Your purchase will be non-refundable (except for the manufacturer's defect).

As always, we highly recommend that you contact your doctor for a new eye examination. It is important to get your eye health examined yearly, even if you aren’t experiencing any issues with vision, so please consult the advice of your optometrist.


In order to have a pair of prescription glasses made, you will need to have a valid, non-expired prescription signed by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. In JINS stores single vision, bifocal, and progressive prescriptions can be fulfilled.

"PD" is your 'Pupillary Distance', or the distance between the center of your two pupils, measured in millimeters. Your doctor may have included your PD in your prescription. In the event that your PD has not been provided you may receive a follow up email.


This process will take place during checkout, you can use any method below:

  1. Use a previously saved prescription
  2. Submitting doctors information
  3. Email prescription photo/attachment to

Make note of what you most commonly use the glasses for:

  1. Reading/Close Up
  2. Intermediate (Computer)
  3. Distance (Driving/TV etc.)