JINS started with a big vision. Our founder Hitoshi Tanaka was passionate about making eyewear from the beginning, which is why he started JINS despite having impeccable eyesight. JINS is about making eyewear for everyone, whether that means making glasses more easy and fun, more innovative or more affordable. That’s what we strive toward every day. Now we're bringing this vision to San Francisco with the U.S.' first flagship store so that everyone may have multiple pairs for multiple occasions.



Quality should not be a question or surcharge; people just deserve it. You deserve it. Reliability, precision, and peace of mind. That’s why we ensure that our products are of the highest quality - and if something is not up to your standards, then it is certainly not to ours.

Aspheric lens image

High-Index Aspheric Lenses

All our lenses are aspheric, impact-resistant and light-weight. They’re 1.59 and 1.67 index, which means you can have thin lenses regardless of your prescription.

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Premium Quality Lenses

Our lenses are sourced from top-manufacturers.

Our frame are designed in tokyo

Designed in Tokyo

Every pair of JINS glasses is artfully designed by a team in Tokyo with the passion of Japanese craftsmanship. Like the city from which they come, our 1,200 styles embody the latest trends and are designed with every face in mind.

Parts made in Japan

Parts Sourced from Japan

Every pair is made using superior materials. All metal frame parts are sourced exclusively from Japan and everything from the nosepads to the temple ends is meticulously checked for quality.



Time is more than something that passes by. It’s a collection of life’s occasions, your precious moments, your cherished memories. Time is your personal treasure.
Our goal is to make every facet of your JINS experience efficient and memorable, so you can spend your time how you want.

It takes just 30 mins

Glasses in 30 mins

From start to finish, it only takes 30 minutes to receive your glasses. Instead of waiting weeks, you can browse, purchase and receive your prescription eyewear all in the same visit.

No upsell. All in one

All in One Pricing

JINS frames are priced at $60, $80, $100, $120, and $140, lenses included. While there is often a premium for thinner lenses, JINS will never charge extra for stronger prescriptions or higher index lenses.

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JINS Online Store

Free Shipping

All purchases made in our online store are shipped free of charge within the United States and arrive as quickly as the following day. If you’ve bought a pair of JINS glasses and created an account before, there is no need to upload your information again during your online purchase.



You should be afforded the right to your personal style and individual freedom, regardless of cost.
We deliver products at the best prices, allowing you to explore our countless stunning designs and color options without limitations.

Multiple pairs for multiple occasions

Multiple Pairs for Multiple Occasions

With JINS’ range of colors and styles, you can discover your own personal look and and express your individuality. We want everyone to have multiple pairs for multiple occasions. You have multiple pairs of shoes and accessories -- why not glasses?

Single vision to photochromic progressive

Single Vision to Photochromic and Progressive

Frames aren’t our only varietal element. We have different types of lenses, too. From single vision to progressive, polarized, bifocal and photochromic, our lenses will help you see near and far or in bright and dim light. Click below for more information on our lenses.

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We are constantly improving ourselves and our products. That is why we never stop exploring. We strive for more and continuously listen to our customers in order to find new technologies and the solutions to your needs.


Airframe -- Light as Air

No one likes a heavy weight on their face. That's why we created Airframe, a combination of minimalist design and artful craftsmanship that sacrifices neither style nor comfort. That means you can look great without getting those annoying welts behind your ears. The only thing better than that? We're almost sure we have it in your color.

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Kanna, Innovation of eyewear experience

Kanna, Our Lens-Edging Robot

At the heart of the San Francisco store is Kanna, an intricately-designed robot that edges high-quality, aspheric lenses on-site while customers wait.


Reduce Eye Strain with JINS SCREEN

We developed JINS SCREEN with modern consumers in mind, ones who spend long hours looking at computer screens and other gadgets. Because rubbing doesn’t always help relieve eye strain, JINS SCREEN is specifically designed to filter out 25% of eye strain-causing blue light.

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JINS MEME, the world's first eyewear that lets you see yourself

Sensing Eyewear That Lets You See Yourself

JINS MEME glasses use bio-sensing technology to detect tiny changes in eye and body movements so you can achieve better safety, wellness and health. The electrooculography sensors detects blinking patterns that can inform you how tired you are and the six-axis sensors monitor body axis and walking patterns.

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