We've all been sick and when you're chronically so, it can be easy to lose sight of the beauty in life. Children in this situation are more likely to lose hope, especially considering how hard it is for them to understand their illness.

The Make a Film Foundation is partnering kids with actors and directors who can help them rediscover their creative side. By making movies about anything and everything, these children are once again able to see the world better.

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  • Make A Film Foundation has made over 100 documentaries and short narratives in partnership with Academy Award winning and nominated writers, directors and actors. Their films are festival favorites that have won awards around the country and the globe.

  • Infuses children who are often marginalized due to illness with hope and self-esteem.

  • Gives families dealing with a child suffering from illness a film that serves as a legacy of the child's life forever.

  • Provides children who are ill with a means of expressing themselves and sharing their voice and their life on film.


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