• Newly designed hook feature
    keeps the plates in place
    even during physical activities.



  • Magnetic clip-on shades
    easily snaps onto your glasses.
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Where can I buy magnetic, clip on sunglasses?

You can find a wide selection of magnetic, clip-on glasses in the JINS Switch collection, which features magnetic, clip-on sunglass plates to fit JINS optical frames. It's a great idea for people who frequently switch between prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses, as the convenient format lets you go back and forth without much fuss.

How do magnetic clip-on sunglasses work?

Magnetic clip-on sunglasses have small magnets positioned in each corner of the frame. The shape of the sunglasses plate mimics the shape of your glasses without the temple arms. The magnets on the corners of the sunglasses plate affix to the front of your JINS eyewear frames, which also have small magnets positioned in the corner. When the two meet, the magnetic clip-on sunglasses plate stays firmly on top of your regular glasses and allows you to see better in bright sunlight.

When the sunglasses are no longer needed, simply remove the attachment and tuck them in a glasses pouch for safekeeping until you need them again.

Are clip-on sunglasses any good?

Yes. Clip-on sunglasses are a convenient solution for people who switch frequently between sunglasses and regular glasses and want to avoid the hassle of changing glasses and have to carry multiple pairs.

Some people may complain that magnetic clip-on sunglasses get knocked off easily, but our magnets are designed to be strong enough to hold the JINS Switch sunglasses plate in place. The newly designed hook feature also helps making it extra secure and prevent mishaps.

Who makes the best clip-on sunglasses?

JINS Switch clip-on sunglasses are reliable, convenient and designed to be both lightweight and durable. Many JINS eyeglass wearers opt for them because they are more convenient than switching between two full-size pairs of eyewear. JINS also applies anti-reflection (AR) coating on all sunglasses plates. Some choices include a hook at the nose bridge area to help keep the plate securely in place.

Do clip-on sunglasses scratch lenses?

Scratching lenses is not normally a problem when applying or removing magnetic clip-on sunglasses, as long as you take proper care in doing so. Be sure to remove them gently and store them in a protective case when not in use.

Are magnetic glasses safe?

Yes, magnetic sunglasses are safe to use with your prescription eyewear, as long as they are used properly.

How do you choose clip-on sunglasses?

When selecting the right pair of JINS Switch sunglasses, browse through the frame styles labeled as “JINS Switch” and lens colors you like. Each JINS Switch frame has their own sunglass plate that fits perfectly with its optical frame. It's usually best to select a frame that best fits your face shape, using the JINS virtual try-on feature to help you decide. If you are planning to use these clip-on sunglasses for physical activities, you may be better off selecting one of the models that include hooks, such as JINS Switch 187, 194 and 195, or 263, 343 and 344. JINS Switch with hooks help provide extra hold in addition to what the magnets provide.