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With JINS REVIVE, give old frames the love they deserve. Buy a fresh pair and we'll replace the lenses of your old pair—of any brand—for free. Here's how:

Laptop with Revive text shown


Add a new pair of frames to cart, select JINS REVIVE—either clear or screen lenses—and then hit checkout.


Look out for your new frames. Hold on to the box.

Stack of JINS shipping boxes
Signed JINS REVIVE release form


Sign the release form.


Send us your old frame, and we'll get to work.

Old frames and release form in a box
Old and new frames in a vibrant cloud background


They'll come back as good as new. No—better, actually.

Before you toss out your old eyewear, consider this: Over 100,000 tons of plastic from unused eyewear is being discarded around the globe each year. We want to reverse these stats, one Revived frame at a time.

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What frames do you accept?

We accept all frames except for:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Real Tortoise Shell
  • Wood/Bamboo
  • Horn (Buffalo, Sheep)
  • Frames with real glass lenses
  • Rimless or half-rim frames
  • Tech/wearable devices
  • Inner frame glasses
  • Wraparound or oversized frames
  • Luxury brand frames worth over $350 retail

What type of lenses can I revive my old glasses with?

We can only replace your old glasses with new Clear or JINS Screen Daily single vision lenses.

Can I use a different prescription than my new JINS glasses?

No, JINS can only replace your lenses with the same prescription as your new JINS glasses (SINGLE VISION only). If you purchased progressive lenses, please reach out to support@us.jins.com to select single vision distance or reading for the revival.

Can I revive my old eyeglasses with sunglasses lenses?

No, JINS can only revive your old glasses with Clear or JINS Screen Daily Single Vision lenses (online).

*For In-store purchases, JINS Revive allow some adjustments to lens options if a customer wishes to pay additional fees for the lens exchange.

Can I drop my frames off in-store?

JINS Revive orders placed online must be shipped back to our Lab using the included USPS return label. Online orders cannot be revived in-store.

*Similarly, In-store orders cannot process online purchases.

What if I lost my release form?

Please contact support@us.jins.com to receive a new Release Form for your online JINS Revive.

What is the return policy of JINS Revive products?

All new frames purchased through JINS Revive are FINAL SALE.

*Final Sale begins once the old glasses are shipped for inspection.

Can I add multiple Revive promotion on the same order?

Revive promotion can only be applied with one per newly purchased frame. So if you purchase multiple new frames you can add multiple Revive promotion.

Any excessive Revive promotion items will be automatically cancelled without notification.

What happens if my old frames are damaged during the Revive process?

Upon signing the Release Form, customers agree that JINS will not be held liable for any damages done to the old glasses during the revival process.

What happens if my old glasses are lost during transit via USPS?

Upon signing the Release Form, customers agree that JINS will not be held liable for the loss/damage of the old glasses during transit.

Please file a claim with USPS for further assistance.

What if I am unable to see out of the new lenses after the revival?

As JINS Revive is a promotional offer, we are unable to provide additional recuts of your lenses. Your Revive glasses will be sent back with your original lenses should you want to replace them.

NOTE: JINS will not be held liable for reinstalling your old lenses.

How long do I have to use the revive after getting my new JINS glasses?

Customers are valid for 30 Days from the day of receiving the item to process their revival.

I placed my order and forgot to include the JINS Revive. Can I make adjustments post purchase?

Unfortunately, the order must be placed during the initial check out process to qualify for the JINS Revive. Please cancel the original order and start a new order if you wish to redeem the revival.

If my initial old glasses do not qualify for the JINS Revive, can I send in another frame for inspection?

JINS Revive will allow the customer a one time exchange from the original request to be inspected. If the second frame sent does not pass the inspection, the revival will be canceled and the frames will be shipped back to the customer.

How long will the JINS Revive process take?

The JINS Revive process will take anywhere from 1-3 weeks starting from when the package arrives at our facilities.

During that time, our team will need to inspect the glasses' condition and account for additional time if lenses need to be special ordered.

*Please note that time to complete your new JINS glasses may not equal the same time for the completion of the JINS Revive.