• URF-17S-U280
    Jasper Morrison
    #1 Jasper Morrison

    Product designer Jasper Morrison looks at design even with the smallest detail, in hopes to redefine the ideal form of eyewear that is common today. He designed this collection based on those principles “ultimate basic”and “normal”, inspired by pure simplicity.He ensured his collection can be worn by everyone and suitable for all. Discover more.

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  • Konstantin Grcic
    #2 Konstantin Grcic

    Konstantin Grcic’s design concept is inspired by “all-round”, which focuses on the circular round shape of the frames. He created a diverse collection that expresses diversity and individuality for those who wear these glasses. Discover more.

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  • UCF-18A-215
    Michele de Lucchi
    #3 Michele De Lucchi

    Michele De Lucchi, Italy’s leading architect, has reinterpreted the four typologies of eyeglasses.

    Introducing forms and colors to “design oneself” with emphasis on personality. Discover more.

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    ourselves.” Collection
  • Alberto Meda
    #4 Alberto Meda

    Alberto Meda, world acclaimed industrial Italian designer, focused on designing eyeglasses with an “almost organic” image. He did this by using aluminium and β-titanium materials to create simple, comfortable and light-weight frames. Discover more.

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  • URF-19S-007
    Michele de Lucchi
    #5 Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

    French designers and brothers, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, designed glasses that are slim and light with air-like transparency so that eyewear blends into the wearer’s facial expression. With an attempt to achieve the minimal form of eyeglasses, the brothers used “TR-90”, a lightweight resin material to make the frames slim and light. Discover more.

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