Like the trees after which they are modeled, each of the frames in our Woodtone collection is in its own way unique. Mottled temple ends combine with dark faces and gold accents to make frames that are full of nature’s individuality. Inspired by decades of craftsmanship aimed at harnessing nature’s singular beauty, the frames in our Woodtone collection are both elegant and everyday.

Woodtone Downey


Gold accents add flair to the face of these frames
Dual tones inside and out give these frames extra personality
High-quality, 5-barrel hinge provides increased durability
Unique patterns are reminiscent of natural tree bark
  • MCF-15A-U429
  • MCF-15A-U428
  • MCF-15A-U427
  • MCF-15A-U426
  • MCF-14A-023
  • MCF-14A-U021
  • MCF-14A-022
  • MCF-14A-021
  • MCF-14A-U023

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