Blue light blocking computer glasses for kids Blue light blocking computer glasses for kids Blue light blocking computer glasses for kids Blue light blocking computer glasses for kids


Children are spending more time than ever on screens and devices. Keep your child’s eyes safe with JINS SCREEN Regular Use blue light blocking lenses, blocks 25% of blue light.

  • Mother and daughter protecting their eyes with JINS computer glasses


    Relieve their digital eye strain after playing video games or watching videos on tablets for too long.

  • JINS glasses with blue light filter lenses on an iPad tablet


    Sleep is vital for growing kids. Blue light before bedtime can affect your child’s sleep.

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    Choose from a variety of Kids frames that provides ultimate comfort in youth sizes.

How do blue light glasses work?

What is Blue light?

Blue light on the visible light spectrum is shorter in wavelength (380 - 500 nanometers), having the highest energy of all visible light. It’s found in sunlight and necessary for keeping us energized and awake, also regulating our circadian rhythm. The issue arises though when blue light comes from artificial sources in large unwanted quantities.

Both UV light and blue light can be harmful depending on the exposure amounts and damage overtime.

A graph comparing the amount of harmful blue light ommited by different digital devices
A graphical representation of blue light penetrating the human eye being more dangerous compared to UVA and UVB

What does blue light do to your eyes?

Digital devices that emit the highest amounts of blue light can be on your laptop, computer, smartphone, or eReader like a kindle, exposing the delicate tissues of the eyes. Blue light reaches deep into the back of the eye (further than UV rays), which over time can cause damage to the retina — an important part of the eye that enables vision. The naked eye’s cornea and lens are unable to block this harmful light, which is where blue light glasses become very convenient.

Why JINS Screen blue light filter lenses?

On average, we spend “as much as 12 hours a day in front of TVs and computers,” according to Forbes. With the dramatic increase in digital media usage, it’s important more than ever to protect your eyes. JINS SCREEN Regular Use lenses block 25% of blue light. They have a clear tint, so you can wear them regularly.

When you turn on “Night Mode” from your phone or computer, it dims your display to an unsightly warm tint. It could affect a creative professional’s workflow, or whoever just wants to see the screen clearly. With JINS SCREEN Regular Use, you're able to see the screen without any distracting discoloration.

A graphical representation of computer glasses blocking harmful blue light
a graphical representation of JINS glasses with night lenses

How does blue light affect sleep?

At night, blue light can decrease secretion of melatonin, the sleeping hormone. If you use your smartphone or laptop before bedtime, the blue light emitted can wreak havoc on your sleep-wake cycle — not giving you a restful night’s sleep. JINS SCREEN Night Use, after a 2015 study was conducted by Keio University, increases production of melatonin, and improves sleep quality and duration. These lenses block 60% of blue light and come with an amber tint.

“Night Shift” when turned on your phone or device can also be distracting. When you use JINS SCREEN Night Use lenses, your brain automatically adjusts if everything is slightly tinted compared to digital screens only on Night Mode.

an illustration of three characters exposed to harmful digital blue light


Add to any optical frame (Rx or Non-Rx). Limited Time Offer.


(Pick a frame, apply JINS SCREEN Regular Use lens option before checkout)

JINS SCREEN ready-made computer glasses for kids in blue color



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