Serving a multitude of styles & personalities, this collection certainly lives up to its name. Made of the highest quality materials with outstanding designs, these frames truly are the definition of Classic. Rediscover the timeless styles that captivated us throughout the decades, and continue to inspire us today.

  • CCF-14A-U124
  • CCF-14A-U120
  • CCF-14A-U122
  • CCF-14A-U126
  • CCF-14S-U137
  • CCF-14A-U149
  • CCF-14A-U151
  • CCF-13A-241
  • CCF-14A-U150
  • CTF-14A-U136
  • CCF-14A-U145
  • CCF-13A-242
  • CCF-13A-240

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