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Cases For Causes

Making the world a better place to see

When you buy a collaboration case for $5, 100% of the sales will go to the non-profit so they can do what they do best: Make the World a Better Place to See.

Education Case

Supporting teachers and students with education, learning, and growth. Empowering the youth to pave the way for a stronger community and a brighter, better future.

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Pride Case

Promoting diversity and inclusivity that is inspired by the LGBTQ community.

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At JINS, we help our customers see the world better, but we'd also like to make the world a better place to see. That's why we developed Cases for Causes. Whether it's promoting cultural diversity in the city or protecting the wildlife of the wilderness, each of the nonprofits empowered by this program is slowly changing the world.

Trail Case

Preserving, maintaining, and promoting more access to trails and outdoor activities.

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Japan Case

Celebrating Japanese cultural heritage in the community.

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Jumpstart Case

We believe every child deserves to succeed.

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100% of all sales go to Non-Profit Organizations

Wildlife Conservation Network Case

Saving endangered species in 24 countries

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Make A Film Foundation Case

Life, Camera, Action!

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San Francisco Baykeeper Case

Protecting the water and wildlife of the San Francisco Bay

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