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Frames for High Index Lenses

If you have a heavy prescription, finding frames may be a little more difficult than you anticipated. We’re here to help.

June 25, 2021
High Index Lenses

High index lens frames have been designed to hold high index lenses. They're lighter, thinner and more comfortable than their counterparts. These frames are primarily for people who require high index lenses due to a strong prescription, but some may work with standard lenses as well.

High Index Lenses Explained

High index lenses have only one focal point, so these lenses have the ability to be compressed to a much thinner, preferred format. They are much lighter and even less noticeable, compared to the alternative polycarbonate or trivex lens. A high index lens bends light at a much bigger angle giving them a higher refractive index than standard prescription lenses.

Traditional lenses focus light on the retina from one angle only—when you bend or turn your head, your vision degrades. High index lenses focus the light on multiple angles across the entire lens. This is what enables you to see clearly when you bend or turn your head. This is called peripheral vision, and it's vital for driving safety.

What are the Best Frames for High Index Lenses?

When choosing frames for your high-index lenses, consider the following: Frame material, weight and style.

JINS has a wide range of quality frames that can fit high index lenses. If you are nearsighted, consider a rounder or smaller, plastic frame. They are able to distribute the weight of the frame evenly from the ears to the nose. For those suffering with astigmatism, a more square frame does best. This helps to avoid lens angle shift.

A farsighted prescription lens is thicker in the middle and thins out as it gets closer to the edge. For this reason, it is crucial to get a taller frame, in terms of lens height. If a frame is too short for the lens can appear to stick out from the frame and the thickness can be quite obvious. Avoid drawing attention to the lens fit by opting for a taller frame overall. Browse our top picks below that will suit your facial needs and also cater to your style.

1. Airframe Slim 504 Frames

JINS Lightweight Glasses LUF-15A-504

The Airframe Slim 504 medium sized womens frames are a great option for anyone seeking a lightweight simple frame. This model fits women with a more narrow and heart shaped face best, and can be used with high index prescription or non prescription lenses. This frame also features adjustable silicone nose pads and rubber temple tips for additional comfort.

2. Airframe Matte Duo Frames

JINS Lightweight Glasses MRF-13A-698

Our first pick for mens high index frame is the Airframe Matte Duo 698. These high quality frames come in unique different color combinations, and are compatible with multiple types of nose bridges. Highly recommended for those with high astigmatism. Due to the width of these frames, they are best suited for men with larger sized heads.

3. Airframe Slim Vivid U162 Frames

JINS Lightweight Glasses MRF-17S-U162

Another great option is the Airframe Slim Vivid crystal frame. These frames offer a unique fully clear, stylish look. This unisex model is built for smaller head shapes and comes with a saddle bridge nose pad - perfect for those with a higher nose bridge. Great for those with high farsighted or nearsighted prescription. Make sure to check the measurements to ensure proper fitting or try them on virtually with our Virtual Try On feature.

4. Airframe Matte Duo 699 Frames

JINS Lightweight Glasses MRF-13A-699

Similar to the Airframe Matte Duo 698, the Airframe Matte Duo 699 is a large mens frame that comes in a variety of colors. These frames are designed for those with an oval face shape and features a saddle type bridge. If you are looking for a versatile and attractive frame, this is a great option.

5. JINS SWITCH Classic 371 Frames

JINS SWITCH 371 Frames

The Switch Classic 371 is a premium pair of prescription magnetic clip-on sunglasses. If you don’t want to have to switch between your standard prescription glasses and sunglasses, this is a great choice. Made from Ultem, a lightweight and flexible but durable plastic material, this frame can provide year-round comfort. You will never need to worry about adjusting the nose pads because this is designed to fit all nose bridges.

Pairing a Lenses with your Frame

JINS has designed lightweight and thin lenses that are perfectly matched to our frames so you can change your look without changing your glasses. Use the dropdown menu found on every frame page to pick the lens type you want.

JINS lenses and frames are made to match and fit the unique contours of your face. Every JINS lens type is carefully manufactured by our specialists to match the frame’s curvature, dimensions, nose bridge widths, and temple angles. With JINS, whether you choose a single vision lens or prescription lens with Progressive Lenses, you'll always be wearing a pair that complements your face.