Protecting the San Francisco Bay from pollution since 1989

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San Francisco Baykeeper is a small but mighty organization: one whose aim is to clean up the waters of the majestic San Francisco Bay. For 25 years, San Francisco Baykeeper has used science, advocacy and on­water patrols to secure strong clean water laws and hold polluters responsible.

If placed end to end, the cases sold this year would be about 2/3 the height of the Golden Gate Bridge! That's 900 cases toward a better world to see.

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    Featured project

    More than 1,300 industrial facilities discharge polluted, rainy-season runoff into the San Francisco Bay on a yearly basis. This toxic, heavy-metal-filled water is harmful to fish, birds and other wildlife and to the Bay in general. SF Baykeeper is working to control contamination by using advocacy, education and litigation to make agreements with the worst offenders.

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    Big Wins for Baykeeper

    The Baykeeper Boat: San Francisco Baykeeper conducts regular patrols of the San Francisco Bay in the Baykeeper boat to look for pollution and monitor wildlife. Baykeeper is the only organization that maintains a regular on-the-water presence to stop pollution in the Bay.

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    For years, outdated Bay Area sewage systems have spilled millions of gallons of raw or undertreated sewage into the Bay, threatening both animals and humans, but Baykeeper’s Sick of Sewage Campaign is turning everything around. Because of it, upgrades are being made to crumbling pipes and old infrastructure, in some cases reducing sewage spills by 75% or more.

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    Baykeeper Fact

    They use a 24-foot-long boat to conduct on-water pollution patrols.

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