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Lightweight Glasses

Durable and Feels as Light as Air

  • JINS Airframe floating mid-air to visually signify its lightness


    Offering the ultimate lightweight experience with less slipping down the face. Airframe glasses weigh an average of ~20 grams* (equal to a stack of 8 pennies).

    *Exact weight is dependent on frame shape and thickness.

  • Blue light blocked by JINS SCREEN Pro lenses


    Experience all-day optimal comfort. Airframe gets rid of the feeling of constant pressure of weight while wearing glasses, and leaves less marks on your nose.

  • JINS Airframe bent aggressively to show durability


    Even after being bent or twisted, the shape-memory material is flexible and durable enough, so that it can still spring back to its original shape without damaging the frame.

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