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Durable and Feels as Light as Air

  • JINS Airframe floating mid-air to visually signify its lightness


    Offering the ultimate lightweight experience with less slipping down the face. Airframe glasses weigh an average of ~20 grams* (equal to a stack of 8 pennies).

    *Exact weight is dependent on frame shape and thickness.

  • Blue light blocked by JINS SCREEN Pro lenses


    Experience all-day optimal comfort. Airframe gets rid of the feeling of constant pressure of weight while wearing glasses, and leaves less marks on your nose.

  • JINS Airframe bent aggressively to show durability


    Even after being bent or twisted, the shape-memory material is flexible and durable enough, so that it can still spring back to its original shape without damaging the frame.

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JINS FAQS: Airframe Collection

How much do lightweight glasses weigh?

Lightweight glasses in the JINS Airframe collection weigh, on average, approximately 20 grams, which is about the same weight as a stack of eight pennies. The exact weight of your lightweight glasses is, of course, dependent on lens thickness and frame shape, but this is a good approximation.

What are the lightest frames?

All of the frames in the JINS Airframe collection are considered lightweight. Exact weight varies based on your lens thickness, which is going to depend on your individual prescription. You can choose the frame style you prefer, whether that's round, rectangle or Wellington, or others, and select your preferred color, pattern and overall style that best suits your tastes and face shape.

If you're not quite sure how something will look on your face, you can use the virtual try-on feature from any product page.

What are the thinnest lenses for high prescription glasses?

If you have a strong prescription, you might consider high index lenses. High index lenses have a higher refractive index than conventional lenses. Essentially, a higher refractive index means that less material is needed to achieve the same prescription strength if traditional lenses were used instead. Therefore, high index plastic lenses are an excellent choice if your prescription is strong because it lets you avoid the bug-eyed look of some thick glasses while ensuring they still feel lightweight.

Why are thinner lenses better?

Thinner lenses are generally a better choice for most people because there is less material used to create them, which means that they should feel lightweight on your face compared to traditional lenses.

Since thinner lenses have narrower edges and a slimmer shape, they allow the wearer to choose from a wide selection of stylish frames, such as those in the JINS Airframe collection.

Thinner lenses are also generally more comfortable for extended use, since they weigh less and feel lighter on the face.

Who are JINS Airframe lightweight glasses best for?

While anyone can benefit from JINS Airframe lightweight glasses, they may be the best choice for someone with a strong prescription because when paired with high index lenses, the wearer can still achieve the same level of vision correction but with a lighter weight that feels more comfortable.

JINS Airframe lightweight glasses are also a great choice for people who are self-conscious about wearing glasses because of their lighter and minimal look and feel, or who find that wearing glasses for long periods of time gets uncomfortable after a while. The lighter frames found in the JINS Airframe collection may help ease some of that discomfort.

Why choose JINS Airframe over other lightweight glasses options?

When it comes to lightweight glasses, you have a lot of choices, and JINS Airframe is one of the best. Stylish frames in the JINS Airframe collection are durable — the frames are flexible enough to be bent or twisted and can spring back to their original shape. Eyewear in the Airframe collection also offers all-day comfort — lightweight frames minimize pressure points on your face and leave fewer marks on your nose bridge.