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Magnify Life

Our vision at JINS is to encourage people to change the way they view the world, to enrich their lives and unlock new experiences. That’s why we look for the unseen, create new standards, and think beyond glasses; to Magnify Life.

Why do JINS charge no additional price on single vision lenses?
-Because we believe that all people have the equal right to enjoy clear view through glasses regardless of their eyesight.

Why do JINS sell functional eyewear?
-Because we hope that even people who don’t need vision correction will enjoy glasses under the purpose of eye protection.

Why is JINS keen on providing better customer experience such as 30 minutes pick-up, simple pricing, and friendly customer services?
-Because we hope that eyewear will become more familiar to all people through smart and easy shopping experience.

JINS continues to work hard to provide better eyewear experience to all the people in the world.

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Our Commitments

  • vision iconMORE THAN GOOD

    With a pair of JINS glasses, you can say goodbye to overly heavy frames and discomfort. You will be energized to see new, beautiful sights, and you will be ready to take on more adventures than ever before.

  • vision iconMORE THAN FAIR PRICE

    At JINS, you can afford the glasses you want at a price you’ll love: no more compromises. With the money you’ve saved, you can treat yourself to the item you’ve been eyeing or to a luxurious dinner.

  • vision iconMORE THAN FAST

    You will no longer need to waste a long time to get a new pair of glasses, and with all your free time, you can read more, see movies you’ve been meaning to see, and all-in-all spend your time the way you would like.

  • vision iconMORE THAN NEW

    We are not simply seeking novelty alone. We are constantly searching for creative solutions and improving our practices, so we can give people what they really want and need. Your first encounter with JINS’ innovation can mark the start of a new and more fulfilling life.

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JINS in Numbers

JINS has been active in eyewear market since 2001, and currently the top eyewear brand in Japan. Now actively expanding to global market.

  • 6million units of eyewear sold worldwide
  • Holds 10% in sales and 27% in units of market share in Japanese eyewear market
  • Now active in 6 countries/regions
  • Operating more than 500 stores world wide, and more than 350 stores in Japan
  • The 1st company in the world to introduce Blue Light Cut functional eyewear
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Our Services

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    All frames designed in Tokyo

    JINS glasses come in a wide variety of styles, all designed in Tokyo. With both style and function in mind, we have designed quality frames to satisfy any taste—all created from one of the top fashion capitals of the world.

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    No extra fees for stronger prescriptions

    While most eyewear brands charge an extra fee for strong prescriptions and thin lenses, JINS does not charge extra for single vision prescriptions—not even those with strong myopia or astigmatism.

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    Zero-Compromise and our rigorous 20 point inspection

    We not only adhere to ISO standards* for worldwide glasses manufacturers and manufacturing standards set out by the former JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards Committee), but also to our own standards, which includes the 20 point inspection. Finally, we perform our Zero-Compromise human eye quality inspection, elevating quality to the highest level. *International Standard: ISO12870, etc.

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    Just 3 steps and your glasses are ready

    First choose a pair of glasses you want to buy. After selecting a frame, head to the counter. Then it’s time for an eye exam. If you want your glasses to have the same prescription as your current ones, we can match the lenses so the exam isn’t necessary. And if your lenses are in stock you can get your glasses made in 30 minutes after payment.

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    Get your glasses made in 30 minutes and take them home the same day

    JINS has changed the notion of waiting for weeks to receive your new pair of glasses. With the utmost efficient store operations we have revolutionized the eyewear industry, making same-day delivery a reality. Now, with JINS, you can buy and get your glasses made in 30 minutes .

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    Quality service even after purchase

    We take care of our customers even after purchase so they can enjoy wearing their favorite frames comfortably. That is why in addition to in-store fitting, we provide warranties for lenses and frames for 6 months from the pick-up date, and even replace nose pads and hinge screws for free.